Feb 23, 2018
Do i have this chick he is sick i dont know what had happened to him he just keep his head down close to body and does keeps opend and closing his mouth like yawning. Any home remedy for this..?? Like feeding him yogurt or curd or any other thing.Casue i live in village and the vent or medical shop or farm supply is too far
this are pics of him ..opening mouth and standing
Check for pasty butt. The way it is standing looks like that might be the problem. This is where the white urates from the kidneys crust up and block the vent preventing the bird from pooping properly. It often happens as a result of dehydration due to being too hot. Poop builds up inside the chick and puts a strain on it's respiratory system. The remedy is to unblock the vent by soaking in warm water and gently rubbing and then oiling the vent with vegetable oil, ensuring the bird has access to cool clean water and perhaps a little yoghurt. Often they will cheep when they are trying to poop with this problem.
Try to locate the crop in his right upper chest to feel if it is full and hard. What do you feed your chicks? They can eat a chick feed without grit, but if you are feeding seeds and grains, they need poultry grit or small pepples to help digest feed. Some chicks will also eat their bedding or sand, and get an impacted or plugged crop. Try getting the chick to drink water by dipping the beak for a second into water several times, and if the crop is hard, massaging the crop to get it to clear. Is the chick pooping?

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