Sick Chicken!!!!!!

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    Jul 27, 2010
    We have had chickens for about a year and we had chicken mites that we treated with pyrmethrin, poultry dust, and DE on Sunday. We have seen a few mites on the coop lately, but not often and not many. When we had mites, one chicken was so skinny and had such a pink comb that we were not sure if it would survive. It appeared to be doing better yesterday, but now it is laying underneath our coop and closing it's eyes a lot. The chickens usually hide out under the coop, but they will come out if you throw grass in; but this chicken won't come out even if you tempt it with grass. Our other chickens are pecking it and it is not fighting back. We were wondering if it ate some of the mite killer or if it just was so weak that it can't recover, or if it is some type of disease/illness. Check out the pictures to see it...[​IMG]




    Thanks for you're help!!!!!

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    How hot is it there?
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    First thing you need to do is isolate that bird and perhaps it will regain it's strength. If left with the others they won't leave it alone until it's dead. I'm thinking it's something other than your mite treatment. It would take some time before mites would weaken it to the extent of your description. Good luck and best wishes. You have an awesome coop/run set-up.

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