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    Mar 12, 2012
    Hi All I had 6 healthy 1 year old chickens , some of them have lost a few feathers on there tummy and today i noticed there breast bones are sharp, Sadly one died a few days ago suddenly and one is now is lethargic and feathers are puffed up ,I have checked for lice and cant find any and havent seen any signs of worms in their poo. please please please can some one help me , many thanks in advance
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    Yikes.. You do not have to see worms for there to be worms. With the weightloss i'd think worms. So, get some safeguard or ivermec and worm them. Provide some heat for them. They are puffed up because they are cold and with weightloss and missing feathers... If you have another die, I'd do a post mortem on it, or send it to your local university vet dept. Provide some probiotics, feed scambled eggs, warm mash.... Look up worm treatment... good luck. You might want to check again for mites. tricky little buggers can kill quite quickly. Dust the coop with poultry dust. And the birds too.

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