sick chickens and tetroxy HCA-280

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    May 16, 2010
    My local feed and seed suggested I use tetroxy HCA-280 to treat what seems to be a respiratory illness. Question is that the residue warning states do NOT use in egg laying chickens. So, how long after I stop using the drug can I safely eat the eggs again?

  2. HorseFeatherz NV

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    Is there a number on the bottle you can call and ask? I have not used this med before, but I would not eat the eggs for two weeks at least. Giving you a bump - maybe someone else knows and will see this. Post just move so fast here. [​IMG]
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    No antibiotics are approved to use with egglaying chickens or chickens destined for the stew pot. Can't help you with your question, though. I refuse to treat respiratory illness due to the nature of most diseases being like a herpes type virus (makes them Typhoid Marys). I'm not familiar with that exact medication, but if its Terramycin, then it's not strong enough to use for much of anything. And you can't treat a virus with an antibiotic, if that's what they have. Treating birds blindly isn't a good thing to do.

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