Sick Chickens - gooey eyes with no other symptoms


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Dec 7, 2020
I’m fairly new to the chicken world but have been around and taken care of others’ chickens most of my life.... I’ve scoured the internet & family for help but everything I’ve read is missing what my chickens have.

I have 13 chickens that are 8 months old - 2 buffs, 3 barred rock, 5 Americaunas, 3 black copper marans.

3 weeks ago we started getting weird shaped(pointy) eggs that I believed to have been from a buff (Who has runny poops). Then we got “rubber eggs”. I upped the calcium Available and gave apple cider vinegar.
Now... we have no more runner eggs but seem to have CRD. However, there’s no signs of actual respiratory distress YET. cousin gave us some Enroflaxacln 20% to put in water. Seemed to help but now 5 girls have their eyes sealed shut from goop. The Marans & barred rocks seem to be fine. The americaunas are having a TOUGH time. They started with the foamy eyes and now they’re sealed, like a bad case of eye goop from a cold... what do I do?! I live in southern Oklahoma so it’s chilly, they have good vent, heat lamp in a large area....

I’ve read about homeopathic things, antibiotics, is there a spray I can use?? Anything would be helpful. Also something I could order online or get from a vet would be best - our TSC has nothing to help.
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What's worked best for me has been Artificial Tears ointment. It's safe for the eye and the ointment slowly melts allowing the eye to open comfortably for the hens. Good luck!

ETA: Place a good glob of it directly on the closed eye and let it do it's thing.

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