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    Jul 12, 2010
    I posted before about a chicken with what turned out to be coccidosis. Sadly the little girl did not make it. I started the whole flock on Amprol. They have all been fine up until yesterday. They received 3 weeks of Amprol with a tapered dose. I stopped the Amprol 3 days ago. Yesterday one of my columbian hens started isolating herself in the coop in the corners. She is easy to pick up but will put up some fuss. She perched last night, though not with her usual bunch. Today she has been both in the corner and sometimes coming out. She seems to be just sleeping a lot. When she is up she seems fair. Today when I got home one of my roughly 3 month old roade island reds is acting very much like coccidosis. She was fine yesterday. Out running around. Eating, interacting. Seemed perfectly fine. Today sleepy, puffed up, easy to pick up, weak. I obviously started the Amprol again. They 2 do not seem to have the same symptoms, but the columbian is older. Any help would be appreciated. Do you think they are heading the way of my barred rock that I lost 3 weeks ago? Thanks.
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    I would try giving them some probiotics. 3 weeks of Amprol seems like a lot.
    Give them some unflavored yogurt to see if maybe that long course of Amprol messed up their digestive systems and killed the good flora.
    Good luck!

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