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    I have around 50 chickens and all have been perfectly healthy until a couple months ago. I had two barred rocks and four buff orpingtons give to me a year ago. One of the barred rocks was found dead two months ago, and then one of my buffs got a pale comb and started looking very sickly and then died a few days later. Now a third hen is acting the same way. It is only the hens that we're give to me last year and I have no idea what could be wrong with them that would take a year to show up. Anyone have any ideas or advice as to what could possibly be wrong with them? They have all been treated for worms and mites so I'm pretty sure it's not that.
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    Welcome to BYC. Without a necropsy done by a poultry center, it would be impossible to know what killed them. If another becomes sick, do a check of the crop, the abdomen for weight loss or swelling, check droppings and if they are eating and drinking, look for egg binding, and color of comb. In many hens, internal laying or egg yolk peritonitis is very common, and symptoms can include loss of weight, poor laying, problems walking or walking like a penguin, swollen lower belly if fluid is present, and other symptoms. Sometimes opening up the abdominal cavity to look for anything unusal can give some answers. Sorry for your loss.

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