Sick chickens


Mar 12, 2016
Liberty, MS
My wife and I have been working a lot of OT lately so we are unable to tend to our flock like we normally do.

Just got home from work this morning (and has happened the two mornings before) I go to feed my chickens and seem to have one (two this morning) moving slow, barely able to hold its head up, and an arch in their neck.

Faces are not pale, and I can find no damage on them, or anything else abnormal. So far it has just been my 16 week olds.

I have a small 6x6 space that I isolate them, and by the next morning, they seem spry and well.

I haven't changed feed or feeding habits, usually let them out to free range when I leave at 4pm and wife closes coop when she gets in after dark.

Anything I need to look for? Or what can I do to cure it?

My older ones were the same age last year at this time, and got neglected due to the passing of my father but I had no issues.

Flock is approximately same size as I sold some of the older ones when the 16 week olds hatched.

Thanks for any insite anyone can give. It may take a bit to reply as I'm headed to bed.

Thank you


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Jan 14, 2012
Conway SC
Check chicken weight---is it real light, boney breast, if so probably needs worming bad. If it feels about normal in weight, I would start tylan50 twice a day---I do oral---1ml each time for a average size chicken.


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
How many are in the 6x6 area? Are they in there except for the free ranging from 4pm to dark? I would put some electrolytes and vitamins in their water for now, and offer some chopped egg, a tsp of plain yogurt per chicken, and make a watery mash of their chick feed to get them eating. Confinement in a small area can lead to bullying away from food and water, but coccidiosis can really be a problem if they are not on clean dry pine shavings or grass. Corid (from most feed stores)will treat coccidiosis, and the dosage is 1 1/2 tsp of the Corid powder to each gallon of water as their only source, for 7 days. The liquid Corid dosage is 2 tsp.The symptoms of cocci are sleepiness, weakness, hunched or puffed up appearance, not eating, and runny poops (sometimes with blood.)

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