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    my chickens are 1 year old and last week one of them (I have 4)started laying in laying box allllll day. I visited her and she seemed uncomfortable, she made little noises and puffed her feathers up. I finally took her out and put her at her water, she drank and foraged around in the grass for a while then went back to the laying box. Over The course of the next few days she continued to do the same things and I dontthink she is laying any eggs. The other chickens climb right in over ,under,around her to lay their eggs so its hard to say for sure. The topper is now I have another chicken with all of the same symptoms! What should I do for them? Is this a known illness? Thanks for your help! nickschicks
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    [​IMG] from TN Kind of sounds like shes going broody.
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    Broody is a hormonal change that makes them want to set on eggs until the eggs hatch. You can either sit it out or try to break them. Do a search for breaking broodies here on BYC if you want to stop it.

    And Welcome to BYC!
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    I am sure you can find some answers here.

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