Sick Chickens


8 Years
May 25, 2011
We have some chicks that are about 6 weeks old. I think they are getting sick. Their symptoms are diarrhea and some sneezing. Can anybody help me diagnosis this and what kind of treatment I should use. Thanks
I wish I knew! If it was just diarrhea, I would say give them medicated chick starter. If it was just the sneezing, I would say Tylan (antibiotic you can get at many feed stores) in their water. I don't know the dose of the Tylan though, but if you do a search for tylan dose for chicks it should come up. If they are not acting as energetic as normal, you might want to give them some pedialyte to help them not get dehydrated or out of balance in electrolytes.
I hope someone can give you more help!

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