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    Jun 15, 2013
    I have wasted days searching for information that would tell me what was wrong with my chickens. There are so many things I think their problem fits into and I just want them to stop getting sick.

    Last winter - chickens ...caught a cold... They sneezed and snored. I sprayed them with VetRX and put it in their water...they were fine in a few days.

    This winter - TOTALLY different story. It came on FAST. One day they were fine, next day my chickens were dying left and right. My hens were the worst. Eyes crusted shut, gasping for air. I took them inside and washed their eyes. When their eyes opened they were full...full of puss.

    When I first saw all of them, I just stood in the coop, held my Sussex "Speckles" and bawled. I thought I would lose them all.

    I have a very large coop. In it there are 3 different ages of chickens. 1 year old, 7 month olds, and 3 month olds. All of the 1 year old chickens survived even through they appeared to have it the worst. Probably 10 of the 7 month olds perished. All but 15 of the 3 month olds perished.

    I treated them with antibiotic feed (chick feed) because there is no where around here that sells chicken antibiotics. (I called everywhere). Tractor Supply sells Penicillin, but I don't believe you can give that to chickens. So, I used antibiotic chick feed and VetRX.

    Most of the deaths occurred within the first few days, but it went on for almost a week. I believe the sick were too sick to eat the antibiotics. I rubbed VetRX on every beak.

    My question: What is this???????? coming back every year and getting worse...? I don't want this to ever happen again and I don't know what to give them.

    It's been about a month and they are all fine now.

    From what I have read, I believed it to be CRD. But I can't seem to find a vaccine to give them anywhere. The article I read said you can vaccinate and it will be less sever the next time. I have also read stories that giving the vaccine has infected birds. I'm worried. Does anyone have a suggestion? (I'm not interested in "depopulation")
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    If it is CRD (MG), as with most respiratory diseases, surviving birds will always be carriers. In times of stress which can be anything really, symptoms will reappear for the rest of their lives. Antibiotics only treat symptoms, but never cure the disease when it comes to chickens. If it's a virus, antibiotics are ineffective. Since you're not interested in depopulation, be prepared for continued sickness and death in your flock(s.) Here are some links regarding MG and vaccinating:
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    x2 what Dawg53 said.

    Chronic respiratory disease usually pops up again and again when they are stressed.

    Some give antibiotics but it doesn't cure the disease.

    I am sorry for your troubles. Chick feed that is medicated is for the prevention of coccidiosis, not respiratory disease. So if you wanted to treat with an antibiotic, look up tylan or denaguard on byc. I think that is what folks give sometimes.

    This is very contagious to other chickens, and can be transmitted though the egg to the chick if it is mycoplasma gallisepticum as well.

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