Sick Chickes w/drooping wings


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Hi, I am in need of help!! I had hatch chicks earlier n the yr when it was abit colder and did fine but when it started warming up I started losing alot of chicks cuz they started look chilled then I put heat lamps to keep them warm but it never worked and they just died. Also i sprayed the brooder box w/Oxine and added some to there drinking water and fed them 20% chick feed like i have before and i didn't lose a single chick then. Some chicks started to look like they were gasping for air so i used VetRX and I changed out the water and used Terramycin. I stilll lost chicks and now i don't know whats going on. Then i was told maybe i need to put my chicks on wire and maybe it would help out today but i want to know what is the cause of this. I feel bad cuz i'm hatching over 100 chicks and i can't keep most of them from dying and i do all the same ole things. Any advise would help
They need to be about 95 the first week 90 the second & 85 the third. By then they should be feathered & able to regulate there own heat. Are there butts pasted over. I don't know all of the chemicals you are giving them but all I use is derramycin (spelling is probably off) for the first week.
i was using Vi-tal and feeding them Du-Mor chick starter but now its str8 water and chick starter. Mine do have pasty butt so i wash it off and i read that 2 much vitamins causes pasty butt so i stop'd using the Vi-tal in there water.
This sounds kind of like what one of my keets got. Except that he didn't really act cold.

Are they kind of off balance? Has their walking slowed down? When they stretch their wings do they just kind of lie their instead of folding back up? When they lay down do they ever get "stuck" on their sides with at least one wing spreading out?

If so it sounds like they've got a yeast problem(Or impacted crop for chickens?). This is my thread about what my guinea keet got:

hope it helps! (I kinda hope I'm wrong, because I hear if you don't catch it soon enough they tend to die.)

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