Sick Chicks - Need Info - Thanks

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  1. Grannychicken

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    Aug 31, 2010
    We are new to the back yard chicken industry - My son started it but we are
    all hooked! We have 2 chickens who have what looks like respiratory trouble,
    clear liquid from nose and watery eyes, lethargic....
    started them on antibiotics and they seem to be improving - however, one of
    them has some stinky feathers???? -at top of her wings -I have books and
    have researched the internet - maybe i'm overlooking and overloaded on infor-
    mation - but I can't find an exact match to a diagnosis-
    we did spray her wing area with diluted peroxide solution which seemed to help -
    I've called 2 vets in our area - but they don't 'do' chickens... I've seen SO MUCH
    HELP ON THIS SITE - can someone please help? Thanks

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