Sick chicks!

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    Apr 24, 2015
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    Ok I got 2 jumbo Cornish rock, 1 duck, and 3 assorted bantams from RK on Sunday, they have done fine until the last two days, I checked on them yesterday and they were all fine but one Banty. I worked on it tried to gently give it drops of water but it ended up throwing its head back and opening its mouth every few seconds and being extremely weak then dying. It had also been wet somehow. Well this afternoon I checked on them and a second little Banty had been wet and was acting weak. I got it dry and warm and it was acting better so I put it back in the brooder. Came home that evening and it was gone, but the third Banty was acting sick so I took him out and worked on him(he was a little wet too.) so I got him dry, gave him a little water put him in front of the heater in the floor and made sure there was water and food available and that he could get it of the heat, then got a little yogurt and water down him and left him be. My fiancé said that he was acting better and war running around peeping. When I got back home he was weak again and I just got a little more yogurt and water down him and he perked up and ate a little food and is now peeping, what's up with this? What's wrong with him?

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