sick chicks


11 Years
Mar 27, 2008
Needing help with a problem. We have been rearing chickens for over 20 years and not had this problem. We got an order from Murray McMurray just over two weeks ago and have lost 8 chicks over the past few days and looks like 4 more are on their way out. they been COVC as well as VACC for Marek's and are on Quick Chik in their water.
I call Murray today and they recommended terrainycin for treatment. The birds develop troblem walking and just lay on their side with their legs straight out. they will get up if really bothered but only for a few days until they get to the point they will not move. Seem to be spreading.


Cooped up
11 Years
Mar 2, 2008
Hmm ... registered today, 1st post ... hottest topic in the Forums ....

Oh well, I guess it happens.

Why not follow the advice of MM .... monitor the situation and keep in touch with them. They seem to have given good advice, and will replace all your chicks should it become unfortunately necessary.

I wish you and your birds well.

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