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Discussion in 'Quail' started by chrishel, Jun 30, 2011.

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    We have six new coturnix fuzzy butts that are 2 days old. They have food (Purina Startena GBS BMD 50) and water. They are in a rubbermaid tote with papertowels and rubber shelf liner on top. Everything is new. The bator, water and food dishes and marbles were used once 3 years ago for my last hatch. No one was sick from that hatch and the girls died of old age.

    I noticed tonight that each one of the chicks is scratching their faces a lot. And one started to make gurgling noises and started foaming at the mouth. When he shook his head, the foam splattered everywhere. They seem to be acting normal (walking around, then falling asleep, getting up, walking around). Their poops look normal. They are moist and tan with the white portion like I'd expect. Sort of mini versions of the adult quail poop.

    I don't see any discharge from their noses. I put a tissue on their beaks to see if there was. Sort of like blowing their noses, because the are so small, it's hard to tell. The tissue was dry.

    They are in the house so temps are regulated. They aren't huddled under the light. If anything they are at the edge of the light even though my indoor/outdoor thermometer says it's 87/105 (I took the average and use the chicks as the gauge for temp).

    It's a new bag of food. It doesn't smell moldy (smells like granola). I know that this is medicated but it was the only GBS that the feed store had so I picked medicated over gamebird layer (I have that already for my one adult roo, 50 lb bag lasts a long time and I started that before I found this board and learned to keep them on GBS).

    They are in a room with 3 parakeets, a lovebird, and one male coturnix. No one has mites or is sick.

    The kids were playing with the chicks a lot, so I'm not sure if maybe they gave the chicks a virus (or if it's possible).

    Any thoughts or suggestions on what to do here?

    I'm planning on keeping a close eye on them. Another thought is that I just changed the water in their dish and they all came rushing over and took a drink. Maybe their beaks and faces were wet?
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    Sorry you are having problems.

    In the quail world, it is generally considered a "NO NO" to feed them medicated feed, but bad reactions generally take place on the fuzzy but end of the chick, not the front end. It could be the medicated feed. I don't know for sure, but something to consider.

    Coturnix can puke when excited by simply handling them. You mentioned that the kids were playing with them, so that would be my best guess as to what your problem is.

    I take a "Hands Off" approach to raising coturnix chicks. Aside from the excitement of being handled by the feed monster, the change in temp can also cause unwanted stress. It sounds like your brooder setup is fine! I would just leave them alone for about 4-7 days, and only handle them when absolutely necessary. I would also look around for non-medicated GBS if you can find it. I don't know exactly how bad medication is for coturnix, but they don't really need it.

    Hope this helps, and all turns out well for you [​IMG]

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