sick chook- any ideas?

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    Feb 4, 2014
    I have a problem with one of my chooks & I wanted to know if anyone has experienced anything similar. She is a rescue chook of unknown age, 1/2 white leghorn & 1/2 isa brown (to my knowledge). Her feathers have always been quite sparse, especially on her underside. She has a large, soft hanging crop which does empty somewhat overnight. She is prone to vomiting & we had attributed this to her habit of chasing the other chooks away from food, then eating large amounts of it herself. All members of the flock sometimes have loose stools and very bright red patches of skin (generally over the crop or on the underside). We worm them, dust for mites & have even tried putting calamine lotion on the inflamed portions of skin. They free range through our yard during the day & lay in multiple spots around the garden.

    When we went to open up the coop in the morning three weeks ago, the other hens were pecking at her vent area, which was red & swollen. We immediately isolated her but she spend the day acting incredibly poorly (sedated, non-reactive, but still eating & drinking with encouragement). I gave her some epsom salts in water to flush out her system, as she was leaking loose stools. I also gave her a dose of antibiotics, however stopped this as soon as I realised that it may not be a helpful step if the problem was fungal.

    The next day she was more spritely, although still leaking from her vent- a mixture of weeping wound, feacal matter & some foamy matter. For the next week we bathed the vent area in salty water & applied balm to keep the wound from scabbing or getting tight. We also gave her probiotics every day. Twice I massaged her crop/body, but could not find anything hard in either area.

    After one week, she was looking better & her vent wounds were healing well, although the vent was still swollen shut & protruding (although no internal tissue was exposed). I was concerned that she was suffering from vent gleet (as the other option I had considered was peritonitis, although she seemed to be recovering far better than I would've expected if this was the case), so I gave her a 7 day course of anti-fungal medication (Nystatin).

    After two weeks, the chook was back to normal behaviour. She was even laying eggs, although her vent still looked puckered, protruding & closed. She also had some white discharge coming from the vent area.

    My current concern is that she is still very skinny, with a pendulous crop, bald underside & she is still leaking an opaque white paste from her vent. Any ideas?
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    I'm sorry, I don't have a clue, but hopefully some one will. :/ She might have gotten the chicken "cold" and jest needed a few days to get back on track? I don't know... I'm sorry!
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    If your bird does not have sour crop,then she has a permanent pendulous crop,this cannot be repaired as the muscles have stretched probably due to an impact at some point.

    Has ever been wormed,this may be why she is so thin,or could be a result of her having pendulous crop as she may not be eating enough food.

    The infection she had/has could be either bacterial/fungal/parasitic,if there is no improvement,is a vet an option to get a proper diagnosis?

    When you mentioned protruding vent,are you referring to a prolapsed vent?
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