Sick Drake (paralzyed)


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6 Years
Jul 22, 2013
Today I found my Khaki Campbell drake sitting under a bush and he couldn't move his back legs.
The ducks free range but he was unable to return to the coop.
There is one small scratch on his shank (upper leg). There are no other signs of damage and when I tested his legs he didn't respond to me touching them. He has not eaten much but will drink water. I thought it may have been limber neck disease but I won't be able to tell until it spreads through more of his nervous system.
He still is very responsive and alert however and used his wings to drag himself away from me when I approached.
I am currently giving him more vegetables (peas,beans,and corn) to see if he will eat them and also an electrolyte vitamin that is dissolved in the water.
If it is botulism (limber neck), then helping him get rid of the toxin is important.

Have you seen this? I would at definitely make the charcoal slurry for him.

Check him over for puncture wounds (bite marks) - look under the wings and around the vent - he could have a spinal injury, and ducks are very resilient, can recover from many serious things given a little help.
Thanks so much I'll try it when i get home.
I didn't find any wounds last time but I'll check again. Would you recommend that I treat the cut that is already on his leg, even though it doesn't look infected?
Better to prevent infection - four times a day, rinse with saline solution or Vetericyn. I would put a tiny dab of antibiotic ointment or cream (without painkiller).
Okay thanks last question, I have a tape wrap should I wrap it or just leave it open and wash it 4 times a day.
I would let air get to it, for concern of anaerobicbacteria like gangrene.

I have read that hydrogen peroxide is best for initial cleaning, that it debrides the skin - takes a layer of cells off - and after initial cleaning, a milder cleanser helps the healing better.
Update: The drake is still not walking but is still healthy otherwise. He also is eating more of the vegetables but still doesn't want to eat much of the feed.
Have you tried getting him into a lukewarm tub of water he can float in? Don't leave him alone - but see if he can paddle. If he has a back injury it may take quite a while for him to recover, and any mild exercise he can get will help.

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