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    Nov 12, 2015
    i am not a poultry breeder.i am a teenager.and i am not experienced with raising the ducklings

    almost three weeks ago one of my ducklings approx 2 months old started getting lazy...Its legs started BENDING and eventually it stopped walking.It stopped eating. I was feeding them banana.she would eat only a little..i housed them in a cage with soft bedding...both of the ducklings are repulsive to water..they dont like to swim ...they try to get out of the tub even if there is little water in tub.
    two three days after this..the other duckling started showing the same bending of legs.i thought they were cold so i started keeping them in room .i started covering their cage with woolen cloth..the temperature at that time was 30 degree i thought there was no need of lamp.
    a week ago both the ducklings have started losing their feathers.
    they dont stand much..
    now winters have almost started.
    temperature is 20 degree centigrade.
    one of the duckling is sneezing for two days..i have changed their food to standard duck feed..i consulted a poultry breeder that suggested Panadol...the ducklings drank it alongwith their feed..they dont seem to improve..
    please tell me what to do..
    i am afraid they might die.
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