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    May 13, 2016

    We have a number of different breeds of ducks Campbell, Harlequin and Cayuga (14 duck/drakes in total) we have recently moved to a smallholding 3 months ago. Our ducks along with chickens and peacocks run freely (within 5 acres) during the day and are in pens at night. The ducks generally spend the day at a stream and wooded area that runs through our property.

    Over the past week the ducks have seemed 'unhappy' i.e. ducks don't want to spend time with drakes, 2 ducks have become loners spending the days alone and not coming in at night. Yesterday we lost a duck in the night and today we have lost a drake, the drake was unable to walk yesterday and was pooping green liquid (sorry if to much detail) .

    Today 4 of the ducks have started sitting today as I have not removed the eggs as probable not sensible to eat if the ducks have a problem, no surprise! The 4 ducks that are sitting are not right they are very sleepy, don't respond when you approach and seem sedated. I know it sounds like they have just gone broody and what to sit the eggs, but the fact we have lost 2 already and I have experienced ducks sitting before, there just seems to be something more going on.

    The chickens and peacocks are fine, they eat the same food and drink the same water, apart of the stream water, plus they don’t go into the woods.

    I was wondering if the ducks could be eating something in the woods that could affect them, or the stream water could be contaminated.

    Any advice ???

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