Sick ducks

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    Hey all I have mixed ages flock of Swedish Blues.

    Currently an unknown illness has struck. Currently 3 are dead, 2 more are sick.

    Ducks act almost neurological. Have trouble walking- using wings as props, act like feet do not work. ( Nothing is wrong with their feet, feathers, or wings that I can tell) Later stages they have trouble holding their heads up and shaking.
    They all get fed (chickens and ducks) a layer feed pellet. Feed is fresh and not moldy. Also birds get fed bread, crackers,fish, shrimp, and other protein sources.

    I'm thinking Coccidia b/c of consistency of their stools (liquid and light tan in color). But the neurological symptoms don't make sense to me. Rest of the flock seems fine and chickens are seen without any of these symptoms either. Is this a virus?

    Also some of the ducks were seen eating some styrofoam that was left in the yard, that has since been removed. Could this have caused the issues that we are seeing?

    I have ivermectin for my rabbits, is this an ok, wormer for ducks or do I need Wazine?
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