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    May 31, 2014
    Hi all, I have a 4 month old EE hen who has been "off" about a month and a half now. I noticed it when she was coughing and had the tell-tale bubbles i her eyes. I immediately quarantined her in the house and gave her corrid for a week. The eye bubbles cleared up immediately but her cough has remained. Today I noticed a bit of blood in her poop. The eyes are still clear, she has been eating, drinking and behaving normally...any further suggestions other than corrid?
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    I'm a little confused why you treated bubbly eyes and a cough with Corid, which is for treatment of coccidiosis. It won't do anything to treat a respiratory disease. Now that you notice a bit of blood in her droppings, that could be coccidiosis or intestinal lining. Eye bubbles and a cough could be signs of MG or CRD, a respiratory disease. I would get her tested since having MG in a flock will make them carriers for life. Not all respiratory dieases are like that, so it is vest to get it tested. If you notice more blood in the droppings, then Corid could be repeated, or a vet could test for cocci or capillaria worms.
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