sick eyes on chicks

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    Aug 19, 2009
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    We apparently have an epidemic in town, because a family came over a few days ago asking how to save their chicks.......some were bought from me, others elsewhere (right).
    Well the affected chick will stand still, with feathers puffed out while the healthy chicks runs all over the place, so its easy to ID. Then I will notice the eyes are sealed shut with pus.
    I haven't lost much. I think only one (maybe 2), but I've nursed them by cleaning the eyes, applying antibiotic oint and separating from the healthy chicks. After about 12 hours they seem to not have fever, but I have to make sure they have use of their eyes for a while longer. I figure if they can at least see, they can reach nourishment and have a chance.
    Ordinarily I would have vaccinated my chicks, but this year I didn't. Apparently I am lucky, because the family that needed advice, lost many.....I hope my advice helped them.
    Well, this is not the first time I see these symptoms and I think its probably something a chick is more likely to catch in the deep south, but I would appreciate knowing what it is, because its a favorite among diseases here.

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