Sick flock


6 Years
Sep 18, 2013
HELP! My flock is sick, I have a few with matted eyes and a few that are sneezing. I haven't seen bloody diarrhea, but I did just put amprolium in the water to be safe. Looks like I need to add an antibiotic on also, suggestions? And can I treat the water with both amprolium and an antibiotic? I have lost 4 birds now and I really don't want to lose anymore!!
It sounds like they definitely have some kind of respiratory disease rather then coccidiosis. I usually use Tylan 50 for respiratory bugs but I dose each bird directly, either injected or orally, so I know they all got the daily dose required. Dosing in the water is iffy, birds will get more or less depending on how much they drink each day and often sick birds will eat/drink very little. But if you have a very large flock that may be the only way.
Thank you! I have about 40 birds, and to be honest I am a total newbie. The thought of treating each bird seems a bit daunting. How do I go about giving them meds orally?

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