sick girl wont leave coop

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    I have a hen that has a cold ( i guess) I have posted about her here. She had a stuck eyelid and is coughing and rattly breathing. I put some antibiotics in her water, but she has not come down from the coop. It's a small one with a small run I am using to isolate her. Today I am putting her food and water inside.
    I this normal with a sick chicken? I guess I will be just watching her to see if she perks up. she must be hungry if she didn't eat or drink yesterday.

    anything I should be doing with her.
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    Quote:A sick bird wont eat nor drink on their own. You're going to have to add the duramycin 10 mixture you're using into her feed to make it a soupy/liquidy mash. Fill a large syringeful (no needle) and force feed her 4-5 times a day with the mixture. Preload your syringe, then pull her wattles down and her mouth will open. Slowly squirt the mixture in her mouth and release the wattles at the same time and let her swallow the mixture on her own. Continue doing this til she can eat and drink the mixture on her own.
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