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    Jul 25, 2014
    Hi, I've read through lots of the posts and am pretty sure one of my girls has egg peritonitis :(
    I first noticed runny poo's last week but i'd just changed their food so put it down to that so missed the 'early' signs, then 3 days ago she looked rather plump...Sunday night I did the warm bath and warm olive oil into both ends and she perked up a bit and was eating, kept her in over night but put her out with the others on Monday morning so as not to stress her too much, las tnight she was tucked up in the coop and had been eating etc..but today she was away from the other chickens but eating a bit still....this evening she didnt go into the coop and looked quite sad. We've brought her back in and i've just got half a dissolved berocca down her...she was lapping it up...shes now tucked up in a towel next to me on the sofa, head tucked under the towel etc so its quieter/dark and her breathing has settled she seemed to be struggling a bit earlier.
    So....can i do anything else? Shes an isa brown, no idea of her history as shes a rescue girl from the RSPCA.
  2. katsmajic

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    Jul 25, 2014
    Still after some tips please......
    Lil girlie is still with us, been in and out of the house, had 2.5 beroccas and tlc.....she is eating although her breastbone is sticking out.
    She was struggling to get on her perch in the coop so popped her on to it for a cple of nights, we had left her cage in the run and tonight she was tucked up in her hay in the cage, we've bought her in again and shes had 1/2 a berocca, back in her cage and sleeping now.
    not sure if its because its cold outside, being winter here, and shes enjoying being in the family room in straw and by the fireplace :)
    she seems to potter around ok most of the time, shes eating still and has bright eyes....
    i did the glove and olive oil, no egg or shell bits but alot of air and poop....not pleasant for either of us.
    Is there anything else i can do to help her? Shes still bloated.. :(
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    She may have worms, and rescue hens can get coccidiosis on new ground, especially since they may have never been exposed before. Treating her for coccidiosis may be something to do along with worming. Amprollium, Coxoid, Toltrazuril, and Corid are some of the drugs to treat cocci. Also sulfa drugs such as sulfadimethoxine and sulfamethazine (sulmet) are used.
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