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    Hi I've only been on this forum a few times and would like to get on more, but it seems I never get the oppurtunity.
    I have a pomerainian(sp) goose who was fine last night, but tonight is listless and slightly labored breathing. she feels warm to me, and I don't know if u can take the temperature of a goose. Hubby picked her up and brought her in the house. Unfortunally, the only thing I had big enough to put her in was a big tote and it's really to small. Yhe day after Thanksgiving I had my muscovy drake die with no symptoms and 3 more young drakes die the same way. Fine the night before and wake up and they are dead. Thhe NPIP inspector [picked the last one up/ The patholpgy report came baqck that they had died of pastuerlla m.. I was freaked. I keep everything clean and maybe a little overboard. Anyway, I didn't lose any more ond then on Dec 5, my pet goose Littl Britches was sickand died. I couldn't send her in for a pathology report becaus we had an ice storm and no one could come get her To take her to OKC. where from there they are shipped to Texas A and M

    About two weeks ago I had a hen duck act sick but was eating and drinking but walking like a drunkm felt feverish and acted like her breathing was compromised. I brought her in and treated her with pen 2x a dfay for 5 days and gave her aspirin for fever. She's doing great now and laying an egg everyday. I guess my question is how much penicillian do I give her aor is Tylan 50 better, and if so how much, Can geese have aspirin. I also have chickens and not one of them has been sick even with this crazy weather. We've been feeding show pig with tetracycline now for almost two weeks as that is what we were told to feed for two weeks as a preventative. Anyway, so geese get colds? I'm so worried/ I don't want her stressed so am trying to figure out a way to make a diaper our of old suspenders and a baby diaper. That way she can stay with me for the night.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated. I posted on my home thread about my goose Little Britches. I';; copy and paste and maybe you all can see how much my geese mean to me.

    This is the post I posted on the other forum on Dec 5

    Originally Posted by hotcurltr [​IMG]

    It's been a rotten day in more ways than one. My pet goose died this morning.[​IMG] Hubby had gone out and let all the poultry put and fed the other livestock, I went out to water and let the geese go graze(even though it was sleeting). I noticed Little Britches was laying down in front of the goose house with Alex standing over, thought that unusual since she always goes out with everyone and hates to be left behind. When I got up to her she looked at me and i reached down and petted her.m I knew she was sick. I just love her, she's always been my baby and if I ever had a goose living in the house it would of been her. I had raised her because she was hurt as a baby. I used to bath her and wrap her in a towel and feed her in the rocking chair. Anyway, I got hysterical and couldn't stop crying, why her. Hubby had left to take someone to town for groceries so I put clean hay down moved[​IMG] her in more and layed down with my arm around her and my coat to keep her warm, all the time just bawling. Alex was very agitated and tried to get her up. I pushed him away and he attacked me and drew blood. I just stayed there and kept bawling. He seemed perplexed and moved away and just watched. The gaggle of geese came running by talking. She lifted her weak little head , put it down and was gone. [​IMG] Some of you might think I'm crazy for loving her so much, but I couldn't help it. I had so many errands today and was just a zombie. I called the Ag dept, because I hadn't gotten any news back on the duck and I know they have to test them right away. They didn't have any news back, so she assumed it wasn't an infectious disease as they would have already been out here to cull everything. The vet was on a call but. she said she'd try and get a hold of him and have him call me back. He did in fact, call me a few hours later. He said the lab couldn't really find anything out of the usual. No parasites and nothing that seemed like and infectious disease.
    They are going to take more tissue samples and have different labs check them out too. He said it sounds like a toxin of some sort. I was thinking botulism, because of the mud hole but he didn't think that unless there was a dead animal somewhere and we had some water runoff. But he did agree to dry up that spot and see if anything changes. If anything else dies between Monday and Thursday, he said they'd pick them up and see if anything could be found different, I didn't ask him about pulling blood. Since Little Britches is the only one I found dying, I should have pulled some blood, but with her my head wasn't on straight. All I could feel is grief. Anyway, that's all the update I have.
    Little Britches you;ll always be in my heart and memories.[​IMG]
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    I'm very sorry for your loss. I know how much we can love them.
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    Pasteurella m. is very thoroughly described here. It seems a variety of penicillin can be used to treat it.

    Now you know the name of the infection, how about asking your vet about dosage and which type is better?

    Aspirin will not cure infection and is deadly to some animals. Using the wrong kind of antibiotics may just worsen things.

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