Sick Gosling, Wobbly, Watery Poo - Help!


12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
We only have 4 so this is very upsetting. I went out this morning and one gosling the 2nd that hatched a week ago is just standing around like a chicken does when it's sick. I let them out and it kept up with the others but when they stopped to pick grass or drink from their platter he just stood there. Kinda wobbly.

Wasn't like this yesterday at all. Want to catch this before it gets worse! He's not lively like others and something is definitely not right.

I got him out of the pen (parents didn't mind) and put him in a little box w/ paper towel to see what's coming out of him and it's 99% water with just a few little spots of solid material. He pooped like that earlier today too. Twice on the towel and some on my shirt. It's like lots of water coming out but just a little food in the poop and I mean like just enough to make the size of a pin.

I think he's still drinking but is not eating the mazzuri starter from the feeder with the others when they eat and not picking at grass.

Yesterday parents found some sand near chicken pen and they were showing goslings to dig in it and eat it, could have been that? or anything I guess they eat and pick at everything on the ground and I think he might have eaten something not good. I keep it all vacuumed up but parents eat cracked corn from big bowl and drop bits here and there - maybe he ate one of those, I don't know, could have been anything he picked up or got a hold of.....

ACV for goslings??? I have sav-a-chik packet - should I do that?

HELP!! He's going downhill since just this morning.... now just standing there wobbling and others bumping into him...
You need to bring him inside if you haven't already, get him warm, give him the save a chick try mixing his feed into a mash with the s a c water [warm]. and just watch. he might just need sometime to catch up, also you might post on the goose thread that way you'll be talking to people who have geese can help better.
Is the Mazuri feed your giving them for waterfowl? Waterfowl need niacin, if they don't get it then they start to have problems with their legs. I feed my geese a good high protein gamebird feed and mix in a little powdered mineral. Never had any wobblers. Good luck- hope your little web footed friend feels better soon.

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