Sick Goslings - lost one already

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    I don't even know where to begin with all this. We had 5 goslings. 4 Pomeranian and 1 Toulouse. We lost baby Ludwig on Wednesday. From the time we bought them, he was always a bit wobbly on his legs. He seemed to get better on his feet, but developed a strange hoarse-type trumpet noise instead of his normal peeping last Saturday, but was active, a great eater and drank lots of water. His poo looked great as well. Sunday morning when we went to feed I found him in the brooder on his back unable to right himself. I sat him up and while he was able to walk he stumbled and did a somersault forwards and again landed on his back. Still, he ate and drank well and no poo issues. Monday morning I took him to our vet first thing. Unfortunately, that helped ZERO. The vet working that day not only did not consult with me in regard to symptoms, but I believe she is inexperienced with birds in general. My regular vet was off (he has birds himself and has always been extremely helpful). She gave him a wormer, an antibiotic, and a vitamin B complex shot. Said if he wasn't better in a week to bring him back. We gave the meds a chance to do their thing, bathed him, fed him, held him (he loved snuggling up), but by Wednesday morning it was obvious he was not going to get better and we had to put him down. He had lost all ability to sit up by himself (I had made him a special goose bed to keep him upright, warm and as comfortable as possible) and even though he was hungry and thirsty he could not eat or drink by himself. His legs and beak were pale and his head waved back and forth when it was not "tucked into" his neck. He also was much smaller than the others at this point. I'm pretty sure he had air sacculitis as a secondary infection. He did not sneeze, had no runny nose, eyes were clean. I do not know what the heck the main issue was and if any of you could shed some light on this it would be much appreciated.

    We have four others that have also started the intermittent honking noise in between their peeps. Is this normal? I thought they didn't start honking until 3-5 months. They are currently 3 weeks old. Poo looks good, not runny - no runny nose, their eyes are clear, they are alert and eat like champs. They run around, stretch their wings and legs, and are overall happy little babies, but the sneezing and weird sound bothers me. Maybe we are just gun shy at this point with what we went through with little Ludwig. Losing him just broke our hearts.

    Where did they originate: Ideal Poultry - I stopped in and asked the co-op yesterday.

    Feed: We were told to feed them non-medicated chick starter (which I quickly found out to be nutritionally deficient for them). So they are supplemented with Niacin and Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in the water and get fresh picked greens (dandelion, clover, grasses) every day. I was not able to find any appropriate waterfowl feed as what I did find was either unavailable in our market or the protein was WAY too high. I also give them Kale and Romaine lettuce, some grapes and grated apple. I also added several rounds of electrolytes and probiotics. They are now being transitioned to Purina Flock Raiser Crumbles along with all the greens above.

    Housing: They have their own goose coop, shavings are being used as bedding. Bedding is changed at least once a day - the wet and dirty parts. Coop has excellent ventilation and they have a heat lamp as well as we are still dipping into the 40s some nights.

    I saw another thread on here that sounded much like what we have experienced, but the thread ended without being resolved - the gentleman's goose also died.

    Thank you in advance.
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    so sorry for your loss:( i cant imagine. the only thing that comes to mins with the weird breathing sounds is do they have a deep waterer that they can clean their noses out in?
    sounds like your doing everything right with feed and niacin, and apple cider vinegar....
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    Following this thread as we are having the same issue with our 5 Chinese White babies. We also lost one of ours this morning.

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