Sick Grandma, Untrustworthy Sister


9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
Escanaba, MI
Gosh, sometimes family issues can be really difficult. I am both worried and annoyed because of this situation.

My grandmother is sick, she has been, and I know my aunt who lives nearby needs help caring for her. I live six hours away, so it is hard to get out there. I already was planning on going next week when I can get someone to look after my cat and my nearly three week old chicks. But last night grandma had to go to the ER, she has gotten worse. So I am likely needed now.

My sister is the only person who could look after my chicks and cat for me if I were to go now. Except, I truly don't trust her with the care of my animals. I have good reason. Just one example, she once babysat my parent's Sun Conure while they went away on vacation (and I was off for a few days with friends) I came back before my parents did to find the cage filthy with only a centimeter of filthy water and no food. I was absolutely livid. Even with the parrot taking daily baths and drinking, it would have taken the entire time I was away with no care to get into that condition. Thankfully I was there to provided the bird with much needed clean water, fresh pellets, and daily veggies until my parents got home. She is older than me and I know she hasn't changed. I worry that she wouldn't even come over to the house to feed and water the chicks. I know the cat can get away for a few days with a big bowl of water and food with a few extra litterboxes, but the chicks can't. She is older than me but has no sense of responsibility, even when getting PAID (yes, I wouldn't ask someone to watch the critters without pay). But she has been paid before, and does a piss poor job (such as in aforementioned conure sitting incident).

It is frustrating to be so far from family in need that I have to make arrangements for pet sitting. And even more so that the family near me can't be trusted. She could help out our grandmother instead, but that is more to ask than she is willing to give.
Any chance you could find a professional pet sitter? Even once a day would be better than your sister, and probably about the same price.
Do you have any friends you could ask? I've had people care for baby chicks for me by taking my whole set up (which consists of a heat lamp and a rubbermaid box) to their house. The cat I would just set out really big bowls of food and water and an extra litter box or two.
I am currently looking for a sitter if I need one, since I'd rather not ask my sister to do so. My aunt is keeping me up to date in case I need to head out there soon. It may be able to wait until when I'd originally planned to go next week. My father is going to be in town then and we'd already worked out that as I go to tend to grandma, he watches the critters.

It is just kinda tough, I just moved about a week ago, so really the only person I know here is my sis. I love her, but asking her to petsit is a bad idea!
That's a great idea! Your local high school FFA might be able to provide you with someone who could watch them as well. That usually works out well because you can get a reference from the teacher.

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