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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by GuineaLady93, Dec 3, 2011.

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    I noticed the other day that his nose had a little snot on it but didn't really think anything about it, until now. He can't hardly breathe from his nose, it was covered in snot, he holds his mouth open, he has a cough, he sneezes, and his face is swollen. Although the swelling had went down some by time took the picture. He acts a little sluggish but other than that he is fine. He is eating fine too.
    Do you think this is just a cold? I also noticed today that some of the other ones are sneezing, but they don't look like him.
    If this is a cold, is it possible that they could have caught it from me?? Because I have had a cold for about 5 days..
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    Do Guineas get worms the way chickens do? I would assume they do?? Have you ever wormed them / him? I don't know anything about these birds... but, if they are anything like chickens, worms can present with a variety of symptoms, including respiratory.

    Search here on BYC... search "the Q-tip test for Gapeworm".. search "worming", "worming Guineas", "worming with Valbazen"... If it's a possibility, worm the flock (individually) asap... also search "giving oral medications"... caution has to be used.

    If you really think he may be sick, separate him from the rest of the flock until you know... you can get worming and / or water soluable antibiotics from the feed store... most are open on the weekends, including Sundays.

    I don't think they can catch your cold, and you can't catch theirs... if it's a cold, a virus. Not too sure though. Worms can cause respiratory problems, "colds", lethargy, sneezing, etc... so... please look into that for that breed.

    Good luck.. sorry I don't know more about these birds.

    Take care...
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    Maybe Sinus Infection? I'm never heard of a Worm invading the nasal cavities, but it could be possible.

    At first I thought it was just wet feed stuck in his nose..? It could also be snot? [​IMG] Brown Snot! LOL

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