sick hen...any advice is very appreciated

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    Oct 2, 2013
    I am about a year and a half into this chicken adventure, and have truly loved it, so far! I am, however, feeling over my head now. One of my hens has been acting strangely the past couple of weeks, and it has gotten more pronounced over the last couple of days. Hazel, my Plymouth Rock (1.5 years) has developed some weird 'neuro' type tics, with head cocking, and this morning looked like she was almost having a seizure, her head raring back and she almost fell over. Her eyes are markedly different (from each other) as well, one of which looks very different than it used to; at first I wondered if she was just blind in one eye, causing the disoriented gait and "tics." She seems to be loosing her tail feathers and hasn't laid an egg in quite a while either.

    I am wondering if euthenasia is the best route or if there is a treatment someone might know of?
    Thanks so much for advice to a novice!!
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    I have seen similar symptoms before. The closest I have come is injury to the spinal cord or consumption of glass. If she did eat glass the best bet is to try and keep her alive and hope she pulls through. I will be honest with you, chances are she will die. I have only ever had one pull through from such behavior and that was barely.
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