Sick Hen breathing heavly

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    Mar 3, 2013
    One of our hens (spritey) a black commercial has got the same sickness 2 other hens of ours have got... 1 died 1 lived... but the others did not show the same symptoms they're breathing was fine, but this one all days has her head up in the air breathing heavily... what would this be? we have been force feeding her a kefir,yogurt,oat and chia mixture.

    Thanks Responses appreciated

  2. chooks4life

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    Apr 8, 2013
    I'm not sure about force feeding unless the animal's not eaten for two days. Often, fasting is the body's natural response to infection, disease, fever, injury, etc and in all cases it allows the body to marshal all resources against the problem. Force feeding can, and often does kill. If she fasts for a long time, over a day or two (which would be nothing to worry about) then it may be due to a blockage. Liquid foods can be beneficial as compared to solids.

    When an animal is convalescent, "baby foods" are often best, as with very old or very young animals; when I say "baby food" I refer to anything in its natural state, as unadulterated as possible, as simple and easy to digest as possible, usually those foods that naturally have a lot of readily available nutrients and enzymes. But, not knowing what's wrong with your bird, I'm hesitant to suggest any particulars. It doesn't sound like food is necessarily what is needed now. Generally I'd make honey water available. If she avoids it, chances are it's infection that's plaguing her, or she has a fever.

    Heavy breathing can indicate infection in the lungs, i.e. disease, causing a loss of lung capacity. But more often it indicates nausea or pain. Often when they reach the 'heavy breathing' state they're far gone already. Is there a rattling or wheezing in her inhalations/exhalations?

    Best wishes.

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