sick hen droopy neck and wings


7 Years
Apr 26, 2012
hi, i have a silky hen , not yet laying prob another month of that . she went to bed fine and dandy last night this morning her neck is week or she has trouble lifting it higher then her shoulders. and her wings are droopy. she is in a pen with 10 other chooks and they are all fine. i cleaned out there pen yesterday. but have done nothing different then i usually would. i have fed her yoghurt and porridge which she ate and water. i have seperated her from the rest of the flock. not much change from this morning. her poop looked normal cant find anything wrong no live, injuries etc. if a chook had a big night out and was hungover and still drunk then that would be the best way to describe it. i cluck at ther she clucks back, she can walk and run when given a scare. its the neck droop and wing droop and drunkeness thats a concern. had to be our fav chook and not one of the dam roosters lol. any help would be great..

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