Sick hen, green runny poop...

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    Can someone please advise me on what might be wrong with my 10 month old hen? I noticed two days ago that she did not want to come out of the coop. (She is not broody, just staying inside on the roost.) I took her out and she went over and drank some water, and went right back in to sit on the roost. I noticed that she pooped, and it is bright green and very liquidy. I cannot tell if she has laid recently, as they all look about the same. She is not acting broody, just generally not well. Her comb color looks normal, and her crop seems normal.

    Any help???
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    Green droppings are from bile, and is found when chickens haven't been eating for some time. I would bring her in to warm up, and check her crop to see if it is empty or puffy. That way you can watch her droppings and how much she eats and drinks. An empty bathtub or laundry basic is good. Give her an all over exam by checking the skin around the vent, under wings, and around the neck for lice and mites, which are very tiny, and their eggs. Check inside her vent 1 inch to make sure that she is not eggbound. Get some electrolytes in her water, and try to get her to drink, or try tube feeding. There are so many things that could be wrong with her such as a crop problem, a gizzard blockage, an intestinal infection such as coccidiosis or enteritis, a leg injury, and many others. Once she drinks and gets re-hydrated, you can offer some chopped egg, tuna, and wet feed. A piece of aquarium air tubing and a 35 cc syringe from the feed store can be fashioned into a tube feeding device for fluids. The sharp edges have to be rounded off with a lighter just for a few seconds. For food, you will need a larger tube, or feeding tube. Let us know how she gets along. Here is a good link for tube feeding how to:

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