Sick hen - happy ending


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5 Years
Nov 9, 2014
This past winter we had two chickens come down with a nasty respiratory infection. The vet was called and he delivered an
injectable antibiotic. One chicken recovered after two weeks in isolation, but Lucy, the last of our first batch of hens showed no signs of getting better. She received more oral antibiotics for 7 days and still she seemed very ill. Her breathing was very noisy. She sounded like a child with a bad case of bronchitis. She had a runny nose and would sneeze often. We set up a small coop in the garage attaching a large dog kennel so she could come out. A heat lamp and horse blanket were used to cover the kennel on the cold nights. We fed her grubs, mealworms, oats, flax meal, vitamins, probiotics, and her regular diet. For a while we didn't think she would get better, but we didn't give up. After 3 months in isolation, we started putting her out in the sun as the temperature got warmer outside. She had become a really pretty fat hen during those months and finally showed improvement, and recovery. We were so proud that we did not give up on her. She was put back with the flock and now comes when she is called, by name, she rides on the back of my lawn tractor wagon, and has become a total pet. She still gets special attention and the fattest grub. It was worth every minute we cared for her and would do it again for any of our chickens. Happy Ending!

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