Sick hen (Long poop hanging out...)

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    Mar 20, 2010
    Hey All,

    Yesterday I noticed that one of my barred rock hens was acting lethargic and upon closer inspection it looked like she had a long, stringy poop hanging out that seemed stuck. The feathers around her vent had some ice on them as well.

    I picked her up and grabbed the poop with a paper towel and she got uncomfortable and hopped away, leaving a long, stringy poop in the paper towel. It looked like she'd ingested some long pieces of hay or something that got mixed with grass and stuck in her system.

    Anyways, she still seems unwell today. She's lethargic, and looks sort of puffy to me, and she closes her eyes often. She's still hanging out with the flock, but she doesn't seem too healthy. This is my first time with a sick chicken, is it possible she's egg bound?

    Any ideas?

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    [​IMG] I wish it were under better circumstances.

    If the problem is hay/string/hair then feeding some bread soaked in oil (olive oil is good) may help it pass. Do not pull it out of her. I will defer to more experienced members to offer advice on possible reproductive issues. Has she been laying normally? When was the last time she laid an egg?

    [​IMG] for your girl [​IMG]
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    How does her crop look and feel? you might want to bring her inside for a few days so you can watch her more closely. [​IMG]

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