Sick Hen - Looking For Liquid Calcium


11 Years
May 15, 2012
One of my hens is acting lethargic. She is disengaged from the rest of the flock but looks perfectly normal. One thought is that perhaps she is eggbound.
So, I read in a chicken magazine to get some liquid calcium. I called TSC, and another feed store, but they were unfamiliar with liquid calcium. I looked on the internet and found liquid calcium for children, but it has vitamin D3 added. Other liquid calciums have magnesium added. Would those be ok to give to chickens or should I look for plain liquid calcium (if it even exists)?
I probably have powdered calcium. Could I mix that with water and give it to the chicken?
Thanks for any help.
Have you tried feeling for an egg first? If she is egg bound you should be able to feel an egg.
I'll have to catch her tomorrow and will probably give her an epsom salts bath. Then, if I can accomplish that, I will check her for sure.

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