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    Oct 12, 2015
    Chicken has been sneezing for a few weeks. Didn't think anything of it since all our chicks sneeze now and again. Went out to make sure all the chickens were in the coop one evening and noticed she can't breath laying down without gasping for air. Have started her on Tylan 50 but yet to see any results. How long does Tylan 50 take to start helping? Also, how would I know if possibly gape worm? Chicken still eats like normal and is active all day with chickens. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Firstly, i'd suggest you isolate the chicken. If its a viral respiratory issue then antibiotics will not work (but its good to give them as they help fight off secondary infections). I'd also put vitamins / electrolytes in her water also as this will help her immune system deal with a virus better.

    My flock as infectious bronchitis - but i know what it is, so i simply put vitamins in the whole flocks' water and let them deal with it - usually in a week or so they get over it. If your chicken has been sneezing for weeks, it could be something more sinister so maybe others can help with a diagnosis.

    I have no experience with gape worm, so i'll let others with more experience help on that one.

    Good luck
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    Aug 17, 2013

    I too have a sneezing chicken. She has been sneezing for a few months now. My flock has mycoplasma but Tylan and baytril didn't have any effect on this little chicken this time around. The bacteria may have become resistant and need a different antibiotic.
    I'm currently waiting for my vet to order some doxycyline injections which will hopefully do the job.

    I also worm with Flubenvet twice a year. I haven't experienced gapeworm myself but I've read if it is a bad infestation you may be able to see them down her throat.

    Hope shes feeling better soon [​IMG]

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