Sick hen now acting weird

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    May 6, 2019
    I’m confused about a hen and appreciate any ideas. She was apparently sick, lethargic and sitting around with her eyes closed. I took her out of the coop and put her in a large crate that I use to isolate chickens. She hasn’t been eating much, but otherwise didn’t have any other symptoms. Normal poops, no discharge anywhere, comb is still bright red. I felt for a bound egg and found nothing. She was in the crate for a week when she started seeming better, both eyes open, walking around. I took her outside when the other hens were out and she acted really weird. She was walking, but a little oddly. She seemed upset and would walk into things. The other hens are not happy with her and have been pecking at her if she gets near them, so I put her back in the crate. I tried again with similar results, she eventually just found a place to sit until I picked her up. My only experience with introducing a hen back into the flock was a broody hen that I was breaking, but she integrated back in with no problem after being out with everyone else for a bit. I don’t really know if the sick hen needs more recovery time or if I need to take more effort to reintegrate her? Or if she has neurological damage? Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    Can you put the crate in a place where the flock can see her and her them? Once she's coop-ready, you could put a small crate/battery cage in the coop for a couple days.
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    Welcome to BYC. Sorry about your sick hen. The illness could be one of many different possibilities, and it may take some time to figure out what her problem is. When I have had a hen out of the flock for a week, they may get pecked or run around for a little time, but usually they are part of the flock later in the day. The hen may have some type of illness that the other chickens sense. I have one now who is ostracized by her flock, after being a strong member for 8 years. She had some wobbly behavior for a month, and now has to be kept separate.

    Mareks disease comes to mind, but reproductive disorders can may them lethargic, feel bad, have no appetite, and may have runny poops. Feel her crop early in the morning to see if it is empty and flat, full, hard, or puffy like a balloon. Crop disorders can make them feel bad. Check her lower abdomen between the legs for any enlargement that might be fluid or internal laying. Look her over for lice and mites. Have you wormed her recently in case that might be a problem? If possible, you could get some fresh droppings from her checked at your local vet for parasites.

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