sick hen or Broody???

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    Apr 11, 2011
    I have a buff orpington who has been sittin in a box an gets really aggresive when you try to move her, just have hens no rooster, tryed to get her out of box to clean it an she wouldnt stand just kinda rolled as I gently moved her she got in the next box. How long do they broody or is she sick? Woke up this morning to find one of our young americanas dead [​IMG] not sure what happened. Now Im concerned that she may be sick??? Still pretty new to chickens Thanks for any help!
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    Does she puff up and scream at you? Peck your hand? On the nest at night? Look flat like a pancake? If yes, she's broody.

    Sorry you lost one of your babies, it may be totally unrelated though.
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    Sounds broody. They can be broody even with no rooster. May try to break her if you don't plan on adding some fertilized eggs.

    Sorry about your other one.
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    Definitely broody. One of my broody OEGB hens would scream at me everytime I opened the coop door, or when I picked her up, when I closed the door, when I put feed in the coop for get the picture. She didn't take to growling and biting me until her chick hatched, which was also when she started trying to flog my legs. Her chick is 7 weeks old now, and she's given up her mommy duties and gone back to her normal calm self.

    I also lost a year old silkie roo a few weeks ago to unexplained circumstances (I'm thinking heart attack). Sometimes things like that just happen. If they're not showing any external signs of illness, I'd go with broody over sick.
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