Sick hen: skin feels warm, can't stand, flops on ground


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We need some help treating a sick hen. About 5 days ago we noticed one of our hens was just laying on the ground. She was lethargic and didn't make much of an effort to get away when we walked up to her. She doesn't have the strength to walk and kind of waddleds and falls over. We noticed her skin felt warm and thought she might have a fever. We Mixed up some Duramycin and eletrolyte water and forced her to drink it. She is drinking a little on her own now, but not much. She has eaten a little cottage cheese and blueberries, but not much in the last 5 days. Her eyes are clear and this morning she was clucking, but she's still very weak.

I did treat her, and the rest of the flock (8 hens and a rooster) for leg mites about 8 days ago. I dipped their legs in a mixture of kerosene and baby oil. This is the third time I used this treatment in the past 2 years and it hasn't caused any problems before. Could this be related? We did give her a bath the day after she became ill and again this afternoon.

She doesn't seem to be getting better or worse. What should we do next? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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We need your help. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there any other information I need to submit to aid in the diagnosis?
Its a tough one. As far as the kerosene/oil mix I personnally would not use that on my birds as kerosene is a nasty/toxic substance. All you have to do is rub vaseline on the legs for scaley leg mites. Is she inside where it is warm now? Try giving yogurt or scrambled egg, hi-protien items and lots of TLC. Polyivisol no/iron vitamins might be helpful as well. Hope any of this helps...
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