sick hen very pale around face

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    I have a year old hen who was doing fine the day before, but yesterday I found her hiding under the deck and would not come out for treat and would not stay with her sisters. After finally getting her out I noticed her head was very pale and she was slow in her movement. I put her in the hen house and made sure heat lamps were on. This morning she is doing better but still pale around eyes, comb and waddles looking better in color. I mixed up some oats, applesauce, honey, yogurt and egg yoke but she won't eat much. I did force her some last night but none today. She is looking better but still not a 100%. Any other suggestions?
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    The first things I would do would be to check for mites or lice and to consider worming her. These seem to be the easiest to do and very frequently are the issue. If that doesn't help then you would need to check for more suggestions.

    ETA: also check to make sure she is not having an egg issue. Is there anything leaking out of her vent?
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    I was concerned about a hen of mine years back- she was pale and then started to look jaundiced. I wormed her, used Ivermectin for mites, etc. When she passed after being otherwise normal for the most part for several months, I sent her off for a necropsy- I loved Georgie best and was sad, but wanted to ascertain that she wasn't harboring something pathogenic. Turns out she had likely broken an egg internally and she died of yolk peritonitis. Watch your hen for laying and if she seems not to be laying, look for posts by SpeckledHen about her hatchery girls. There are some treatments that can buy time and help out.

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