Sick hen....wierd symptoms...eating, drinking...not pooping!

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    Sep 1, 2008
    I have a 5yr old barred rock hen that started acting off a week ago, we noticed she was staying in barn when all other hens and rooster were outside.

    I checked her for sour or empacted crop.....she has neither, I know what to look for as we have dealt with both.

    We treated her for mites/lice and wormed her. I have had her in the house in a kennel for almost a week now.....have given her vitamins, antibiotics....her coloring is good. I have been making scrambled eggs, oatmeal for her apples, which she loves.....she also is loving dry bread.

    First few days she was pooping very green poop with lots of water, which I assumed because she was not eating well. I read about vent gleet and considered it, have bathed her and put antifungal meds on her vent area. She has feathers missing from her butt area.

    She has tail up and is very alert since having her inside, she watches everything, talks and is now eating and drinking, she is drinking a lot, but she is not pooping! Crop is not full.

    I thought she was so much better yesterday that I took her out to barn to be with her flock, I watched for a bit and other than a couple of hens acting a bit mean towards her....she seemed to be doing ok, so I let her be. Went back out to check her an hour later and found her up in a corner with head down and acting like she felt bad again......I brought her back inside the house.

    We have consider putting her down, but she just doesn't act sick enough....She seems very content to be in our basement inside her kennel. I have felt for egg impaction and feel nothing......I don't think she has layed eggs for quite sometime, she was injured a few years back when a board fell on her and I'm not sure she ever layed again after she recovered from that.

    I really don't want a house chicken, but can't give up on her when she still seems to have so much life left in her......but where is her food going?

    Any ideas?

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