Sick Hen with abcess??

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    Jan 12, 2017
    So I noticed some fresh blood in the coop. Seemed to be coming from a young bird about 3 months old. Checked her over but couldn't see anything. Checked again today, and on her belly there is a patch about 1-2 inches that is stuck together with dried blood. Area looks a little irritated, like she has been pecking at it. Hard to see much else as the feathers are still there. Tried to press around area, hard to tell if it is a bump or just from the clump of dried moisture. So much easier with a cat or dog as I would just shave the area to get a better look. Her comb is quite pale and she is always cheeping. Her cheep doesn't sound very distressed but it is pretty constant. She is eating and drinking but doesn't seem to want to leave the coop much. Any ideas about what it is and how to treat?
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    Can you post some photos?
    What type of food/treats are you feeding?
    What does her poop look like?

    Give her a little soak in some warm soapy water to soften the bloody feathers then try to clean it up. If need be trim the feathers to get a better look.

    If she has a wound, cut, sore, etc. Clean/flush it after soaking and apply some triple antibiotic ointment or vetericyn.

    If she is cheeping a lot, at 3months, she is not happy and in some type of distress. Bring her in so you can monitor her food and water intake.
    Offer some poultry vitamins in her water and give her a little chopped egg in addition to her Chick Starter. Make some grit (crushed granite) available free choice.

    Keep us posted.
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    Jan 12, 2017
    Will try to post pics tomorrow. Thanks for the advice, first time I have had to deal with an injury like this.

    She is on just regular starter. Not many treats as they haven't had much time to free range and she doesn't go out as it is and I am out of grit. Not sure of poop as she is one of many and I haven't seen her poop.
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