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    I have a 3 yo red sex link hen who started out 5 days ago with sour crop. It was huge and liquidy, so I isolated her, withdrew food, put poly vi sol in her water and massaged her crop. Also I kept her in muted light. Crop seemed to go down. Day 3, morning, I gave her an egg and some yogurt as her keel was poking out. Her butt was dirty but not especially unusually so. I cleaned it as much as I could. She seemed unbalanced then and very quiet. She let me poke, prod and massage with not a peep or squawk.
    Today (Day 5) I found dried egg on her butt, she wobbles and can't stand up, and her toes are curled. I don't feel any egg shell around her vent although I think there was some in her tail feathers. I gave her a warm water sitze bath, just her butt, not up to her shoulders as was suggested in one post. Then I put her under a heat lamp to dry off.
    What am I missing? Anything else to do? She hasn't gotten any worse as her symptoms have changed. She still drinks and pecks at the yoghurt, but can't walk to it. I feed Dumor layer pellets with free choice calcium. She free-ranges. None of her 8 sisters have developed these problems. Poop is squirty, liquidy and has green parts. Poop smells chemical-like.

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    May 16, 2011
    green poop can represent organ issues or that her belly is empty or blocked and that she is passing bile.
    Everything that I would do or are already doing for her. I would keep her issolated and keep up the good work. I am sorry that she is not doing well
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    Thanks. Her crop issue seems to be resolved but her feet are tightly curled so she can't walk. I'm keeping her isolated but starting chick crumbles on top of her yogurt. She hasn't eaten in 5 days so I'm sure her belly is empty. Giving eyedroppers of vitamins or even water to a chicken isn't easy! She gets most of it on her breast.
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    May 16, 2011
    Trust me I KNOW..just had to give one of my chickens vitamins via dropper....But grip their body and prop the head, then rub the dropper on beak line till they start to swallow ..


  5. ldemmert

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    What do you think of crushed vit B on yoghurt/crumbles? She doesn't seem to like the polyvisol in water. Am I going to run into grit trouble with the crumbles? I'm not sure how much she's eating.
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    You can overdo the vitamins easily. I'd just give a drop on the side of her beak, and not every day. If she's getting some crumbles she's getting some vitamins. And no you don't need grit with crumbles. Have you tried organic ACV in the water? A small amount of moistened crumbles?

    Really it sounds like an egg broke in her, maybe more than one; not sure you can do much but baths and a quiet place. Have you checked the threads on the FAQ page? Maybe there is something in there that might help her, poor girl.
  7. ldemmert

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    It's over. RIP.

  8. mljohnson05

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    May 16, 2011
    I am so sorry to hear that ldemmert.
    At least she is not in pain any more. [​IMG]
  9. ldemmert

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    Thanks for your help. I believe we did everything we could.

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