Sick hen with odor

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    Sep 1, 2014
    This is my first year of having hens and one of my hens looked like she was sitting my the middle of the yard asleep. This is my first sick hen. The hens usually follow me around. I picked her up and she has an odor to her. She has clear liquid coming from her nose. I have her under a heating lamp isolated from the other hens. I think she has a cold. What can I do to make her comfortable and help her get better.

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    Coryza, one of the common respiratory diseases can cause a bad odor from the head. It may also cause nasal discharge, swelling around an eye or the face, coughing, and wheezing. Antibiotics won't cure the disease, but may help symptoms. Sulfadimethoxine, Sulmet, and Tylan are frequently used to treat it. Sour crop can also cause a foul odor, and the chicken may drool or vomit foul liquid and have a large squishy crop. If you feel that your chicken has coryza, and you choose to treat it, you should close your flock, and not sell or give away birds. Here are a couple of links to read about respiratory diseases:

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