Sick hen - Yellow pasty butt & rapid feather loss long after molt over

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    Sorry - cross posting because of rapid feather loss in very cold weather - really need to quickly find out what the problem is...[​IMG]!

    Many feathers dropping in the last 2 days - like a pillow fight. She - Annie - does some puffing up. It's too cold for her to keep losing feathers. Her molt completed a good several weeks ago was very obvious (pillow fight extraordinaire) & she grew in nice new feathers. So what's happening now is not a molt. there ever a second molt only weeks after the first one is completed?

    I don't see any evidence of bugs on her (too small to be seen?) Her roo friend is not dropping feathers (yet anyway). They sleep joined at the hip. Today I mixed some food grade DE into their bedding (they sleep on a shelf lined with wood shavings & some straw - they have a perch but choose the shelf as I guess its more comfy & keeps their tootsies warm) and I also powdered her back end and a few other places until she got too stressed.

    In the process of inspecting her rear quarters for bugs, I did notice a kind of yellow pasty look to her back end. Maybe the yellow pasty is the hint here. What is it and what to do about it? Antibiotic? If so, what kind, where to get and how to administer (I have never given injections). I better hurry given that she's losing feathers so darn fast..

    These 2 have clean coop, water w/Avia Charge 2000 changed twice daily, layer food for her, game bird food for him, free choice oyster shell in case she eats his food or otherwise feels the need for more calcium, fresh fruits & veggies, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, free range bugs & plants, warm oatmeal snack when get the picture. They definitely eat healthier than I do [READ:chocolate, chocolate and then more chocolate]! I put probiotics in their feed tonight - but she didn't eat - will also get yogurt.

    They pretty much stand around all day, even during a good portion of their free range time. They have times of exploring mixed in but they are really not that active. There are no discharges, combs are okay, no injuries as far as I can tell - essentially no other OBVIOUS symptoms of a problem other than low activity & some puffing. Appetite - she is eating less these last couple of days as evidenced by lack of poop and my own observations of her not pigging out in her usual style. He eats just fine I think.

    She is young - a little over 1 year old & has laid only 2 eggs since her molt, both perfect - no problems that I could ascertain. A little surprised there haven't been a few more but then, the days are shorter now..

    What could I be dealing with & what do I do?
    Thanks so very much for your time.
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    I found this post of yours and was curious to know what you found out. I then saw how old this post was. [​IMG]

    I have a hen that is doing the same exact thing these last couple of days and I'm worried. [​IMG]

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