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    Dec 8, 2014
    Since February I have had 4 hens come down sick with what I thought was the greens but tonight I have another one sick so I am not so sure that it is the greens these hens were all paired with a rooster and none of the boys have gotten sick just the girls lost of weight, panting, wet vent feathers, Hangs head, closes eyes, not very active if not medicated fast they die in 4 to 5 days. been medicating with la200 in breast once a day saved one lost 2. any advise would be helpful
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    What is the "greens"?
    Can you post pictures?
    Any swollen abdomens, etc?
    What type of food/treats are you feeding?
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  3. Nan49

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    Dec 8, 2014
    also call summer disease, Mud fever, wheat poisoning. sounds a little like what I said in sick hen post. can be brought on by hot cold whether, or rainy whether, or eating green wheat, stress like going to a show . and we went to a show in February so that's what I thought it was but having to many coming down with it. Some chicken diseases sound a lot a like that's why I inquired about it in case I miss diagnosis it
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    Sounds like they could have coccidiosis. Corid treats all of the strains, and Sulmet will treat the worst ones. It's more prevalent in wet warm weather, or in caged birds (as in a show.) You can get a fecal float at your vet of several fresh droppings to diagnose it. Or you can get a necropsy on a dead bird by the state vet.

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