Sick hens


May 25, 2015
Hi all, I've been raising chickems for over a year now and most of what i learned has been from this forum, so big thank you to all you chicken lovers out there :).
Unfortunately, one of my chickens passed away today and i would like some advice where to go from here.

I have four chickens but with Pepita gone, it is just 3 now. About a week ago i noticed when she would poop she would have to strain herself to push it out. Then she would poop fine but the poop would come out looking dry. A few days later she pooped a red lump, which i thought it may have been cecca or i looked into coccidiosis. She was still eating, grazing, and drinking water. Yesterday she was acting the same as usual and before they went to sleep she had been eating and grazing with other hens. This morning i had found her passed away.

two of the hens seem normal: eating l, grazing, laying, and drinking water. The third hen, i noticed, seemed inactive. She was falling asleep standing up, standing without moving, just staring at me while i was working in the yard, and she was consistently drinking water.

I would like to know what prevention i could take so i can save these chickens and make sure i xan boost them up if yhey have been exposed to what Pepita could have had.

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